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Cost-effective Promotional Products
Ever wonder who that friendly guy was who delivered something you loved? You must’ve been impressed with his politeness, good manners, and professional attitude. Your customers wonder the same. Don't leave them wondering.

Merch Your Staff Will Be Proud to Wear

Your employees are the main driving force behind your business which is why it’s essential to keep them happy. Making them wear clothes they're embarrassed by, or silly multi-colored hats can rock-bottom their confidence. That’s why our passionate team of creatives helps you design the best merch for your online merch store.
Streamline Your Marketing Efforts
With our high-quality promotional products, your own merch store is all the advertising you need. No need to print endless brochures and flyers - with your merch store you’ll excel in your marketing. That’s why Marketers spend an upward of $1.34 billion in Australia a year on branded products.

Make your brand memorable with an online merch store offering high-quality promotional products for your business.

Hear Our Happy Customers


I was delighted with my merch store. We felt the need to create one as the POD company we used to work with was way too slow and faced a lot of delays. Setting up our store with Promo On Demand has been great! Everything’s going smoothly, with no Delano hidden fees and no issues.

Julia Kate

As a startup, we wanted to get our name out there with limited funds. After making our merch store, we’ve increased our brand visibility and had more return customers than ever before. The process was easy-to-understand, the staff explained it well, and they had excellent customer support.

Mandy Wong

We have found the team to be easy to work with, professional and quick to answer any confusion. We’ve had hundreds of custom-made products shipped from our store and were pleased with the quality and the rates.

Ben Ross

Our Clients


Nicole and the team at POD provide excellent customer service. They offer an amazing variety of high quality products, and were incredibly helpful and efficient. The whole process from start to finish is easy and stress free. We would highly recommend using Promo on Demand.

Melinda Westcott -Marketing & Operations
Cunninghams Real Estate

We find the whole process very easy. The team is great to work with and the products are of the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Melissa Peters
Toowoomba & Rural Toowoomba

Nicole and the team provide excellent customer service. The team goes above and beyond to ensure all the products are sourced and are delivered to the clients satisfaction.

Lesleigh Longhurst
Woody Point

Great variety of quality products and open to sourcing specific products for events and special occasions.

Narelle King
Diamond Creek

I highly recommend Promo on Demand for all your promotional merchandise.  Their website is user friendly and their staff provide exceptional customer service making them a pleasure to deal with. Nothing is too much trouble for this company.

Allyra McLaughlin
Hobart Group

Why We’re Right for You.

Why We’re Right for You.

All our satisfied customers had one thing in common, a merch store that truly represents their brand & goals and is easy to manage.

You can expect the best service by opening your online merch store with Promo On Demand. We believe we’re the right partners for you as we help brands:

Design high-quality products on demandOrder customized merchandise easily and quicklyManage and keep track of merchandise storageShip out orders to their customers with express shippingCreate a large stock of various products with your brand name and logoConvey their message effectively keeping your marketing goals in mind

We’ve helped many brands make their merch store and improve their branding.

We want to do the same for you.

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Submit your brand’s artwork and get it approved instantly.


We’ll store your merchandise in our storage units until an order is placed.


Once an order is placed, we’ll ship your products with express shipping.

Your Custom Merch Store, the Way You Like it.

We make your merch store a reality by incorporating your brand’s message, goals, and colors into the mix.

Stay Updated

Our top priority is ensuring the best customer service, so we empower you to customize your merch store and make changes to something you don't like. Our team will constantly update you with the creation of your store. We won’t add anything without your approval and will only charge you for what you want to include.

Customizable with Everything You Need

Your merch store will be fully customizable so that you can modify the website according to your needs and tastes.

Add custom fonts, colors, and imagesMake and add multiple user accountsKeep track of orders with detailed reportingManage order and shipment historySwitch up the dashboard to suit the workflow.Large Collection of Your Favorite Products.

Offer your staff and customers various promotional products to make them interested. By integrating with Promo On Demand, you can include a huge catalog of the products you wish to get your brand on.

Drinkware, backpacks, prints, pens, clothes, hats - you name it. We are dedicated to helping you market your business in multiple ways and supercharge your brand with high-quality merchandise.

Your Own Merch Store is Just a Few Clicks and a Phone Call Away

Serving Boards

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our process is straightforward. Once you submit your artwork, we will print it on one of the sample products. We print your designs with InkJet or Laser printers which means your design will be accurately printed every time.

We are based in Australia and operate in selected countries. Shoot us an email on [email] or contact us to see solutions available in your country.

Promo On Demand is more than a print-on-demand service. We offer our companies fully functional and professional-looking merch stores to market their promotional products online. Part of that includes printing your artwork on a wide range of products and shipping them to customers once an order is placed.

Shipping your product may depend on the time quoted to us by the courier company. We provide you with the turnaround time, which is an estimate of the total production time after approval which does not include freight and postal. It may take a few days, usually 3-5 days, to organize and send the products for shipping.

P.S. Any delivery delays will be the couriers’ responsibility. Promo On Demand will not take responsibility for any delivery delays. We hope to deliver your product quickly and smoothly, but we can’t control how couriers work, so we suggest ordering your products a few days in advance.

We all want that secret ingredient that helps us get the most ROI, but knowing which product works best to promote your brand depends on your business. Despite that, we have seen common scenarios where some promo products are preferred over others due to their high returns on investment.

The most effective promotional products are:

● Writing tools such as pens and pencils
● Branded bags
● Minimalist T-shirts with brand logo
● Custom colored hats or caps
● Drinkware such as tin bottles

Starting with these products can be a sure-fire way to let your customers know you value them and improve your brand’s reputation.

Yes absolutely! We’ll give you a few concepts to work with, and you can decide which one you like best. We’ll incorporate your brand image into the mix, so your target audience knows they’re in the right place. The final website is also customizable, allowing you to switch up the sectioning, change the placement of items and add custom fonts, colors, imagery, etc.

To start creating the promotional product, you must submit your own artwork. It includes your brand's logos and any other designs you want to see on your newly branded merch. Our team will help guide you with best practices.

Yes, our team will keep in touch with you until you’re fully satisfied and ready to promote your new promo products. You’ll be constantly updated on your store's progress and will be notified before any changes are made or things we add. Nothing will be out of your sight, and everything will be done with your approval.

These are image formats for your logo. A raster image format gets pixelated as you zoom into it. Whereas a vector image keeps its original shape and design no matter how much it’s zoomed in.

When submitting your logo, it’s much better to use vector image formats such as EPS or AI files to ensure your logo is printed accurately and looks good.

In the event that we receive an order, we immediately send it to our production team, which gets started immediately. On-time delivery is one of our commitments and satisfying our customers' needs. If you accidentally place an order you want to change or cancel, you can send us an email as soon as you realize it, and we’ll see if it’s possible to revert the order.

It’s just a way for us to ensure that your designs look great on your merch as they look on paper. We check every design concept sent to us to ensure it meets quality standards and can be printed on a product.

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